Giving hope to Iraqis can go a long way


Maybe the way to reduce the insurgency in Iraq is to give the Iraqi people hope. So, the question is: How do you give those who have lost so much, hope? One way to start is by giving them something they sorely lack.




We have many problems in Iraq. One of which is unemployment which now stands at 70 percent!. There are as few as 20,000 and as many as 83,000 civilian contractors working in Iraq today. Americans, Brits and many other nationalities are all performing the hard job of rebuilding Iraq.




Give those jobs to the Iraqi people. Let Iraqi truck drivers drive trucks. Let Iraqi engineers create and engineer. Once Iraqis get to work and earn money to support their families, maybe they won’t kidnap westerners and sell them to the terrorists for food money. Maybe when the Iraqi people can afford to put food on the table they won’t want to kill the troops that are protecting them while they perform their new jobs. Maybe when the Iraqis are the ones fixing their own roads and patching their own buildings those roads will be safe to travel and those buildings will be safe to occupy. We should let the Iraqi people fix their own infrastructure and sell their own oil.


Maybe if we get rid of  Halliburton’s “no-bid” contracts and let our European allies bid on them, they will also employ some Iraqis. John Kerry is right. There are ways to get our fading friends in France and Germany back in the ballgame. We know that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney can’t do it. They owe too much to companies like Halliburton and their subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown and Root.


Maybe when the Iraqi people are working they won’t want to pick up arms against us, the ones they now consider an occupying force.


By providing jobs and hope to the people in Iraq, maybe, just maybe, we can get them on our side once again.

 - nationalview.org, September 29, 2004

Check out this webpage from http://www.oilcareer.org/iraq.htm

Work In Rebuilding Iraq and Earn
$60,000 to $200,000 Per Year Guaranteed!

Immediate Jobs In Iraq Available:

Entry Level, Labor, Trades, Technical, Administrative, and Professional roles.

Must be willing to work in a war zone. Full 24 hour a day U.S. military protection will be in place to insure safety. With new heightened security you'll be 100% safe.

Does anybody really believe this crap?




On June 28, 2004, sovereignty was turned over to the temporary Iraqi government by the United States, a full 2 days in ahead of schedule. What is impressive is that the Bush administration thought it better to do this without the fanfare that might have accompanied the turnover had it happened on schedule. Instead, the U.S. took the prudent route of surprising those that might have attempted terrorist activities on the planned date of June 30, 2004.


Let’s keep the smart ideas coming. Now that sovereignty has been turned over to the Iraqi people, why don't we plan on getting our young men and women out of there.

New Iraqi Leaders

L. Paul Bremmer

Here's the plan:


If both the U.S. and Arab World really want to help the people of Iraq, they would consider a plan such as this.


Is it real? Or is it sarcasm? It all depends on the sincerity of the Arab and Muslim World.

 - nationalview.org, June 28, 2004

Iraq and the Threat of Terrorism

Since Al-Qaeda poses the most serious threat to the U.S., we should devote most of our military resources to finding and eliminating them. At the very least, this will keep them on the run and thus, be less able to organize, finance and execute terrorist acts. Let the United Nations handle the formation of a new government in Iraq while the United States rids the world of the likes of Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists.

To state that by ridding the world of Saddam Hussein we rid the world of an evil presence is true. However, as a country, the United States can’t remove all of the world’s evil leaders. We shouldn’t have to spread our military and financial resources thinly in order to make that happen.  As a country, we need to defend the citizens of the United States first and rely on the rest of the world to act as our partners in ridding the world of the “Axis of Evil”.

What is troublesome is the thought that the United States could somehow police the entire world. We can’t and we shouldn’t want to. Using the current administration’s logic, by invading Iraq we “rid the world of an evil”. Do we now invade Iran? Syria? How about North Korea

 - nationalview.org, March, 2004

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